Top 5 Largest Consumers of Electric Energy in a Home

Romanians are more and more careful when it comes to monthly expenses, especially household expenses, the electricity bill being one of them.

We all want to pay as little as possible for the electricity used in the previous month, and sometimes we make drastic decisions that don’t always bring the desired result. That’s because we don’t know exactly who are the big consumers of electricity in our house.

Following a market study, which meant calculating the household energy consumption of over 100 Romanians, we discovered who are the 5 biggest consumers of electricity in almost every home.

You too can reduce your electricity consumption if you watch how much you use these 5 big consumers. Also, if you are thinking of investing in a photovoltaic panel system, it will help you a lot to know these 5 consumers in order to correctly choose the type of panels, but also their number.

1. Home Heating System

Heating systems (radiators, electric convectors, air heaters) consume approximately 31% of the total electricity consumption in a home.

One of the common causes of high energy consumption is heat loss, usually caused by:

  • Lack of insulation or superficial insulation;
  • Improperly fixed windows showing cracks or gaps.

2. Boiler

Boilers or other water heating systems consume up to 13% of the total energy required for a home.

Of course, the first and simplest advice we can give you would be to try to reduce the consumption of hot water, or at least the frequency, throughout the day.

Another effective solution is to install a boiler without a storage tank. It heats water only when needed, instead of continuously accumulating a reserve of water to heat.

The most sustainable solution in this regard, however, is an investment in a thermal panel system.

3. Home Cooling System

A cooling system consumes about 10% of the total electricity consumption, especially during the summer.

As with heating systems, poor home insulation leads to cold air loss. In addition to revising the insulation, we also recommend purchasing a more modern and efficient air cooling system.

4. The refrigerator

Being in operation all the time, refrigerators consume up to 4% of the total electricity used in a home.

If you haven’t done it yet, we recommend purchasing a refrigerator with a higher energy class: A, A+, A++ or A+++. In addition to lower energy consumption, such a refrigerator will also allow you to set an optimal temperature between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius.

5. The TV

Televisions, together with other entertainment gadgets (laptop, PC, smartphone) are on the 5th place in the list of the biggest consumers of electricity.

To reduce the energy consumption of these appliances always make sure to turn them off when not in use. Attention, in stand-by mode, the device continues to consume electricity!


Now you know who are the biggest consumers of electricity in your home. Analyze each one separately and keep in mind the tips mentioned above!