In more than a decade, we have developed complete sustainable energy systems for the residences of over 1,000 families. Together, we contribute year after year to the development of sustainable communities by designing and implementing the most efficient green energy systems.

We support and assist our clients throughout the entire process of installing photovoltaic systems – from consulting on choosing the right system to design, authorization, supply, and installation.

The projects we implement come with a guarantee of high energy efficiency for over 10 years. We offer integrated solutions with lithium batteries that ensure grid stability and independence in case of grid disconnection.

In a society where each of us becomes more concerned about the efficient use of natural resources, photovoltaic systems represent the best way to generate and use electrical energy in every home.

Photovoltaic systems are an excellent alternative to escape the high costs caused by the instability of the energy industry. In the past two years alone, our customers’ interest in installing photovoltaic systems in their own households has increased by 48%.

A high-performance photovoltaic system ensures better control over your household’s energy consumption, while also being the most independent source of energy found in households worldwide.

Configure your sustainable energy system with the help of our calculator. We provide you with a dedicated team of specialists who will be fully involved in finding the best solution for your home.

Join the community of tens of thousands of prosumers in Romania and enjoy energy independence. The investment in photovoltaic systems is recovered in 5-7 years, and the warranty on the systems we implement will ensure a reliable energy source for a very long time.

We have implemented over 1,000 systems in residential applications, of which 80% were part of programs with non-refundable funds. Start paying less for energy and increase the value of your home starting today!

Get rid of the high costs of energy bills and choose to invest in a photovoltaic system for your home to become an independent energy consumer.

Get rid of the worries about energy consumption! Photovoltaic panels will increase the energy efficiency of your home and even allow you to feed surplus energy into the grid, earning money. Make sure to choose a photovoltaic system that suits the needs and configuration of your home! Configure your own system and discover the benefits of alternative energy sources!