Underfloor Heating System or Radiators? Which is more advantageous?

Surely there has been at least one time when you have wondered whether it is more advantageous to invest in an underfloor or radiator heating system. This is especially so if you have built a house or renovated an older one.

Both heating systems have advantages and disadvantages, so it is not at all easy to make the right decision without knowing all the details.

Underfloor Heating Vs. Heating with radiators

The underfloor heating system seemed to be quite complex at the beginning, representing a real challenge even for the most skilled installers. However, now it is much easier, with a wide range of underfloor heating mats or tutorials and informative articles available on the internet, very well explained.

At the moment, there are two types of underfloor heating systems on the market: water-based and electric-based. Choosing one of these systems is entirely up to you, as a consumer, based on your preferences and budget.

If you own an apartment, radiator heating is certainly a more suitable solution. Firstly, you won’t have to change the parquet or tiles, and regardless of your living space style, you will undoubtedly find a model of radiators that matches the ambiance, as the existing models on the market are becoming increasingly diversified.

Advantages of an Underfloor Heating System:

The main advantage of underfloor heating is represented by low maintenance and operating costs. It is true that the investment in such a system is higher compared to radiator heating, but once installed, the investment will be amortized quite quickly and securely.

The second major advantage of underfloor heating systems is that they are more efficient. They heat the living space faster than radiators and maintain an optimal temperature for a longer time. Additionally, the installation does not need to reach a very high temperature to create a pleasant environment, regardless of the living area’s size.

Last but not least, underfloor heating offers you more space that you can use for any purpose you desire. We all know that not every piece of furniture can be placed near radiators, while underfloor heating does not have such restrictions.

Disadvantages of an Underfloor Heating System:

Just like with radiators, underfloor heating also has some disadvantages. One of these is that you cannot install the system by yourself since it requires special tools and the expertise of an installer.

At the same time, underfloor heating is not compatible with every type of parquet or tiles, as some of them do not have extraordinary heat transfer qualities. The most suitable flooring in this regard is marble or tiles.

Lastly, it is not worth investing in an underfloor heating system without properly insulating your house. Of course, insulation is beneficial regardless of the type of heating system, but in the case of underfloor heating, the lack of insulation will be felt more strongly in your pocket.