Where and how you can also use solar energy besides the home

With the help of solar panels installed on your house’s roof, you can save a significant amount of money every month. They capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity for all the consumers in your home.

But you might be surprised to learn that not only your home can benefit from the electricity generated by photovoltaic panels. You can also save money and protect the environment by using solar panels outside the house.

Discover 9 other ways you can use solar energy outside the house:

1. Mobile Phones

There are phone cases available on the market with a small photovoltaic panel installed on the back. When this panel is directed towards the sun, it can generate electricity and charge your phone. This type of case is ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the go or outdoors.

2. Navigation Systems

It may be hard to believe, but there are already electric boats and yachts fully powered by solar energy. They do not need any fuel or oil because the photovoltaic panels they are equipped with power both the engine and onboard devices, including the navigation system. We can say that the industry is rapidly developing, and there are already 100% electric yachts and ships capable of covering considerable distances.

3. Camping Equipment and Accessories

To use certain electric equipment and accessories for camping, you usually need to rely on the vehicle’s power supply while traveling. However, there are plenty of eco-friendly camping items available, such as tents, charging stations, cooking stoves, and heating systems.

4. Lanterns

You can say goodbye to expensive and polluting batteries for your lantern. There are already many lanterns that can store solar energy during the day to be used when needed.

5. Portable Chargers

While these chargers with photovoltaic panels may not have the power to operate household appliances, they can charge laptops, cameras, or tablets. Many of these chargers can be attached to other accessories (bag, backpack, purse) to capture as much solar energy as possible when you are outdoors.

6. Public Transportation

More and more cities around the world, including Romania, have electric public transportation (trains, subways, buses, trams), either partially or entirely.

7. Public Lighting System

Cities, commercial spaces, and residential areas can also benefit from solar energy. All that is needed is a small photovoltaic panel installed for each lighting post.

8. Traffic Signs and Billboards

Any traffic sign or advertising billboard that uses intermittent or background lighting can be powered by solar energy. This would reduce costs and the carbon footprint on the environment.

9. Pool Heating

Photovoltaic panels can be easily installed on the pool’s cover to heat the water. This way, you can enjoy your pool during the summer months without worrying about the costs associated with a traditional water heating system.