Photovoltaic panels: the number of prosumers in Romania has increased 3 times

Ensys Renewable Solutions, one of the most important turnkey photovoltaic system providers in Romania, has conducted a study showing that the number of prosumers in the country has tripled. Data collected from 55,000 clients indicates that 7 out of 10 Romanians who install photovoltaic systems are from urban areas, and 8 out of 10 clients are male. The average age of beneficiaries is 51 years.

The study also reveals that the payback period for a photovoltaic system ranges from 2 to 7 years, depending on the evolution of electricity prices and the adjustment of consumption patterns. The average value of implemented and ongoing projects is 35,000 lei, with an estimated average annual electricity cost savings of 4,080 lei.

The increased interest of Romanians in photovoltaic systems is mainly attributed to government programs like Casa Verde and ElectricUP, as well as European funding programs. However, due to delays in the implementation of the Casa Verde program, more and more clients are choosing to finance their investments from their own sources to avoid delays.

The number of prosumers in Romania has significantly increased in the last year, reaching over 40,000 by December 2022. These prosumers have a capacity to produce electricity from renewable sources with a total installed power of 423 MW, representing approximately 2.25% of the total installed capacity in the country.

Ensys Renewable Solutions provides complete photovoltaic system solutions, including technical and legal consulting, design, approvals, installation, and maintenance. The company relies on specialized in-house installation teams and has significant experience in implementing photovoltaic projects in various applications.