Photovoltaic Blinds: How Do They Work and What Are Their Advantages?

Photovoltaic blinds are another ingenious way to use solar energy to turn it into electricity. Thus, monthly energy bills become lower. At the same time, photovoltaic blinds keep the home cool during the summer, reducing the need to use air conditioning, one of the biggest consumers of energy.

Below we will show you more details about photovoltaic blinds: how they work, how they are maintained, what are their advantages.

What are photovoltaic blinds?

By transforming solar energy into electricity, photovoltaic blinds fall into the category of photovoltaic systems. On average, such blinds help you save electricity by up to 30%.

These blinds look similar to normal blinds, but they are made of a special fabric that captures solar energy and UV rays.

Depending on the color and quality of the material, photovoltaic blinds have different levels of protection against UV rays and heat.

How do solar blinds work?

What makes them so special are the photovoltaic cells applied to the movable slats and the fact that they are mounted on the outside of the windows, to be able to capture as much light as possible from the sun.

The movable property of the slats allows them to be modulated and directed according to the natural light. The solar energy produced by this ingenious system can then be stored in a battery or transferred directly to the electricity grid.

In most cases, the position of the slats can be changed via an app, directly from your mobile phone.

What are the advantages of photovoltaic blinds?

Among the many benefits, we will list only the most important ones:

  • They are much cheaper than other photovoltaic systems;
  • Many people find photovoltaic panel systems unsightly, which is not the case with PV blinds. They look nice and you can even choose your favorite color and design;
  • When fully closed, they considerably reduce the need for air conditioning during the summer;
  • They absorb UV rays, protecting you and your loved ones.

How are they maintained?

Photovoltaic blinds are very easy to install (following the installation instructions), but also to maintain. To clean them (preferably periodically) you only need a special soap and a microfiber cloth.

How much power does it generate?

On average, one square meter of photovoltaic blinds produces up to 100W per hour, enough to charge your phone or laptop. Thus, two square meters of such blinds can produce up to 1kWh per day. Obviously, their effectiveness depends on the geographical region you are in, the season, but also the architecture of the building.