Ensys: 2023, the year of transition for SMEs towards renewable energy

Ensys Renewable Solutions estimates that 2023 will be the year when SMEs in Romania will transition to renewable energy, given the current energy crisis. The energy crisis that Romania, Europe, and the entire world are facing shows that we need to adopt a new paradigm regarding energy production and consumption.

The most efficient solution comes from photovoltaic systems, which can entirely meet the energy needs of SMEs and even allow them to become electricity producers and sell the surplus energy they generate. Sebastian Crisan, interim CEO of Ensys, emphasizes that Romanian SMEs and entrepreneurs are one step ahead of the government in seeking solutions to daily electricity-related issues.

Projects such as Electric-UP provide funding for small and medium-sized enterprises, including those in the HORECA industry, to acquire and install photovoltaic systems with capacities ranging from 27 kWp to 100 kWp. However, the budget allocated to this program falls far short of the market’s needs, considering there are around 500,000 SMEs in Romania.

Alternative solutions come from Europe, where the Ministry of Investments and European Projects launched a project that grants de minimis aid to Romanian companies to obtain grants ranging from 50,000 to 200,000 euros for the installation of solar panels and electricity generation systems.

Ensys, one of the most important turnkey photovoltaic system providers in Romania, offers complete solutions for photovoltaic systems, including technical consultancy, legal services, design, approvals, installation, maintenance, and access to grants from the Romanian government and private sources. Present in Romania since 2006 and internationally since 2021, Ensys Renewable Solutions has significant experience in photovoltaic projects for residential, commercial, industrial, HORECA, and solar park applications.

Source: ZF.ro