What to do if you feel cold air coming through the windows?

It is said that Romanians suffer from the “draft syndrome,” always living in fear of catching a cold draft. We are so obsessed with this misconception that we can find decorative elements on the market that can be placed under windows or doors to prevent cold air from entering our homes. Of course, no one denies that these are temporary solutions for heat loss. But, in fact, the problem will not be solved this way.

When you feel cold air around the window or door, it is a sign that the carpentry is no longer of quality, meaning it no longer creates a seal. The reasons can be diverse, and the solution is one: professional door/window repair services.

Gasket problems

Although this is just an accessory of the entire carpentry assembly, it should not be overlooked. Few people know that window adjustments should be made according to the season. If this is not done, pressure applied to the gasket increases, weakening it over time.

When you feel cold air from outside and hear noises from the outside or the gasket is visibly weakened, it is necessary to replace it at certain intervals.

Hardware problems

It often happens that we close or open the window incorrectly, without fully turning the handle. Over time, this is a habit that leads to the total failure of the mechanism, which can be the cause of the cold air felt around the window.

This type of problem can be solved by lubricating the hardware with special products or even replacing it.


Try not to deceive yourself that one of those decorative products solves the problem of cold air around the window or door.

Many people choose to adjust the windows or change their gaskets by themselves, but most of the time, they do it wrong, eventually resorting to specialists, as they should have done from the beginning.